Nice paper from the HATUA consortium

Just published in the Lancet Global Health: The role of multidimensional poverty in antibiotic misuse: a mixed-methods study of self-medication and non-adherence in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda ‘We should not assume that higher deprivation drives antibiotic misuse. Structural barriers such as inefficiencies in public health care, combined with time and financial constraints, fuel alternative antibioticContinue reading “Nice paper from the HATUA consortium”

Seminar ‘Closing the Knowledge Gap on AMR’

Antimicrobial Resistance in Africa – Findings from the Mapping AMR & AMU Partnership (MAAP) Project Conversation Series on One Health The Mapping AMR & AMU Partnership (MAAP) project collected and reviewed AMR records from 205 laboratories across 14 African countries, providing a unique regional perspective on AMR burden and AMR surveillance capacities.Join our webinar toContinue reading “Seminar ‘Closing the Knowledge Gap on AMR’”

JPIAMR webinar: Social sciences as a cross-cutting theme in AMR research and innovation

Live webinar 7 September 2022, 10.00-12.00 CEST The development of resistance to antibiotics is a biological process, but the context that determines emergence and impact of resistance is underpinned by social aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to identify, understand and evaluate these social aspects to enable the prevention and control of AMR. Using the OneContinue reading “JPIAMR webinar: Social sciences as a cross-cutting theme in AMR research and innovation”

AMR knowlegde symposium, South Africa, 23rd of Nov 2022

“Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: How Implementation research is vital in One Health approach” – Symposium on 23rd November 2022,¬†Cape Town, South Africa,¬† As part of The Global Health Network Conference, the AMR knowledge hub and community of practice is hosting a one-day symposium on November 23, 2022. With a focus on implementation and operational research, theContinue reading “AMR knowlegde symposium, South Africa, 23rd of Nov 2022”

PhD Defence Dr. Samuel Afari-Asiedu

Congratulations to Dr. Samuel on this important academic milestone! Title: Contextual determinants of antibiotic access and use at the community level in Ghana: building a trajectory from research to policy Brief summary: Antimicrobial resistance is growing at an alarming rate and has been identified by WHO as one of the top 10 threats to globalContinue reading “PhD Defence Dr. Samuel Afari-Asiedu”


Hereby an overview of the ABACUS related work that will be presented at ECCMID 2022: Mini- Flash session: ‘ Exploring the case for a standardised physical appearance of oral generic antibiotics: a summary of expert roundtable meetings’. Poster presentation: ‘Learning from the Red Line program in India on the labelling of antibiotics: a qualitative interviewContinue reading “ABACUS at ECCMID 2022”

New ABACUS publication

We conducted an economic impact analysis to study the repercussion of inappropriate antibiotic use. We specifically looked at upper respiratory tract infections (URIs) in Ghana. Our study indicates that inappropriate antibiotic use leads to substantial economic costs in a LMIC setting that could have been prevented. We recommend investment in novel strategies to counter theseContinue reading “New ABACUS publication”