Seminar ‘Closing the Knowledge Gap on AMR’

Antimicrobial Resistance in Africa – Findings from the Mapping AMR & AMU Partnership (MAAP) Project

Conversation Series on One Health

The Mapping AMR & AMU Partnership (MAAP) project collected and reviewed AMR records from 205 laboratories across 14 African countries, providing a unique regional perspective on AMR burden and AMR surveillance capacities.
Join our webinar to learn more about these important findings and how they can contribute to shaping strategies to tackle the growing threat of AMR in Africa.

Invited Speakers

Dr. Yewande Alimi (Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Dr. Geetanjali Kapoor (One Health Trust)
Edwin Shumba, MSc (African Society for Laboratory Medicine)

Moderated by:

Dr. Erta Kalanxhi (One Health Trust)


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