ABACUS II: Exploring the case for a standardised physical appearance of antibiotics

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Results from ABACUS II questionnaire

The aim of this work was to explore the views and opinions of healthcare providers and (public) health researchers on the identification of antibiotics and the harmonisation of their appearance. Main conclusions:

Nice paper from the HATUA consortium

Just published in the Lancet Global Health: The role of multidimensional poverty in antibiotic misuse: a mixed-methods study of self-medication and non-adherence in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda ‘We should not assume that higher deprivation drives antibiotic misuse. Structural barriers such as inefficiencies in public health care, combined with time and financial constraints, fuel alternative antibiotic…

Seminar ‘Closing the Knowledge Gap on AMR’

Antimicrobial Resistance in Africa – Findings from the Mapping AMR & AMU Partnership (MAAP) Project Conversation Series on One Health The Mapping AMR & AMU Partnership (MAAP) project collected and reviewed AMR records from 205 laboratories across 14 African countries, providing a unique regional perspective on AMR burden and AMR surveillance capacities.Join our webinar to…

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