ABACUS II: Exploring the case for a standardised physical appearance of antibiotics

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ABACUS webinars on Qualitative Research

The ABACUS II Qualitative Research group based at University of Oxford is running a series of capacity strengthening and enhancing webinar in association with ABACUS II partner countries and participating research institutions. This webinar series is a part of ongoing context specific, demand-led qualitative research methods and best practices sessions. The webinars are designed to provide aContinue reading “ABACUS webinars on Qualitative Research”

The Global Health Network Antimicrobial Resistance Knowledge (AMR) Hub

The Antimicrobial Resistance Knowledge Hub supports stronger coordination, knowledge sharing and faster progress in AMR research across the Globe. It is an open and free resource for a global community of practice for all researchers, healthcare and laboratory teams in all organisations working in AMR research. Open access and free webinars are accessible here

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