ABACUS phase I and II

ABACUS phase I (2016-2019) explored antibiotic use and access practices in 6 LMICs and revealed the importance of a context and cultural tailored approach to address responsible antibiotic use in each country. During phase I, we also found out that the distinction between antibiotics and other drugs can be challenging.

ABACUS phase II (2020-2020) builds on findings from phase I and aims to investigate the idea of an harmonised physical appearance of antibiotics to facilitate identification from patients and health care professionals.

Wellcome Trust

Phase I: 3 years Phase II: 2 years

Principal Investigator
Prof. Heiman Wertheim

International Collaboration Partners in Africa, Asia and Europe

  • 2016: Start of ABACUS phase I

  • 2019: End of ABACUS phase I

  • 2020: Start of ABACUS phase II

  • 2022: Expected end of ABACUS phase II