Interesting read in BMJ GH: A guide to systems-level, participatory, theory-informed implementation research in global health


  • Despite the evidence that highlights the need for implementation research to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, global health researchers often do not incorporate core implementation components in their work systematically.
  • This guide aims to address the lack of guidance describing how to apply a range of theoretical approaches and methods that address specific questions in the context of implementation research for global health.
  • In doing so, we aim to offer a relatively brief, user-focused guide to help multidisciplinary global health groups design, implement and report on evaluation of evidence-based and scalable interventions, programmes and practices.
  • Improving the quality of implementation research in global health cannot be achieved without decolonising the very structures global health is based on. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring research agendas are no longer set by donors from the global North. Instead, research should be driven by people from the South—the holders of knowledge of the local needs and priorities and the context that shapes their health systems.

Full article accessible here.

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