ABACUS webinars on Qualitative Research

The ABACUS II Qualitative Research group based at University of Oxford is running a series of capacity strengthening and enhancing webinars in association with ABACUS partner countries and participating research institutions. This webinar series is a part of ongoing context specific, demand-led qualitative research methods and best practices sessions. The webinars are designed to provide a deeper theoretical exploration and offers explanations of qualitative methods and their pragmatic applications. These sessions provide practical and cross-disciplinary learning to researchers who are interested in qualitative training, through the collaborative resources of the ABACUS network. The webinar sessions are delivered on a monthly basis, usually the last Thursday of the month.

The seminars are organised by Dr. Taniya Sharmeen and Dr. Proochista Ariana.

You can sign up for the webinars at: abacus2.mmb@radboudumc.nl

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